Monday, May 17, 2010

Learning, research, learning

I'm in the process of writing the script for my first film.  I had hoped to be nearly finished with it by now but I've run into some snags that require more research. 

I thought the material would be fairly straightforward to present.  However, nothing is ever quite as cut and dried as you think.  As seems to be the case with scripture, just when I think I understand something I discover a new angle or insight and then, all bets are off.  

But I am learning so much, and being as I love to learn, this is not a problem.  I'm asking questions and getting guidance from those who know SO much more than I do.  

That is very rarely a bad thing.    


Friday, May 7, 2010

What You Need To Know Before Watching "Swiss Peace"

Swiss Peace is an experiment of sorts for me in my new-found identity as a filmmaker-in-training.  Future films will be actual films, not simply videos of stage productions as this is.  I thought that producing this for Talk Your Legg Off (TYLO) might be a good way to cut my teeth with the new camera, software and all the computer technology that is so foreign to my little brain.
I am NOT an actress.  Let's make that perfectly clear from the beginning.  What I've always heard about people hating to see themselves on film holds true for me...eeeewwww!  At least now I know that when I do this again I need to be "bigger" and work on my timing.  Side note to all my theatrical friends:  tips and tibits that would improve my acting would be greatly appreciated.  Critiques on the writing, directing, filming etc are ALWAYS welcome as well.   :)

Since filming this I have upgraded the mic, so future sound quality should be better.  I'm also learning the editing software, YouTube and Vimeo, etc. 

The skit was written in two parts, for the morning and afternoon sessions of Ladies' Day at Oil Belt Christian Service Camp in Flora Illinois.  I tried to download it as a whole to Vimeo but couldn't get that to work.  YouTube has a 10 minute time limit and this comes in at 11.5, so my best option for now was to present it in two parts as two separate videos.  

Writing is beginning on my first "official" TYLO film, and I will try to keep you updated as I hit milestones.  Of course, I still have all of the other responsibilities in my life PLUS co-writing our church's Christmas show, so don't expect anything, you know, next week.  Or next month.  But hopefully soon. 

My hope for all of this is that God is glorified and you enjoy what you see. 
Thank you both for reading, and watching!