Friday, July 2, 2010


Not flying high, not landing, just hovering for now.

My dear friends will soon be finished editing for me.  I'm hovering excitedly over that one.

Hope to find out next week (after their monthly board meeting) whether or not I can shoot at the location I'd like.  A wee bit of anxious hovering there.  No other place is nearly as well-suited. 

Looking into software and probably have some figured out, but I have to check its specs with my computer and my camera.  Don't know how to do that.   Hovering over My Chief Guru of All Things Techie (aka my husband) very impatiently.

I do, however, have all my actors on board!  Filled my last role earlier this week and I am SO excited.  God definitely has led me to these people.  I would share the story but it would give too much away.

Not to worry, though.  I still have other projects (and blogs) to work on, not to mention the tyranny of everyday household chores.  Plus, it's summer.  We wanna have some fun, right?

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