Monday, November 8, 2010

Why You're Reading a Blog Post Instead of Watching a Film

No, you haven't missed anything.

But I have.

I missed my November 1 self-imposed deadline for finishing "Who Does He Think He Is?"

Sometimes things are just simply out of your hands. 

For each step I've completed, three more have surfaced.  Aspects I thought would be fairly quick and easy have turned out to be time-consuming and difficult.

I continue to battle the lighting issue nearly daily.  Each time I figure out a different way to "correct" the problem I then have to go back to the other scenes and try it there.  I KNOW it will NEVER be perfect, but I'm really trying to get it as close as I can so it is not distracting. 

Also, it's not like I have eight hours a day to devote to this.

The silver lining (I'm choosing to call it that) has been that the script I co-wrote for our church's Christmas program has been shelved until next year.  Bummer for me emotionally, but again, it's due to circumstances beyond my control.  I was also part of the cast, so the cancellation means no rehearsals for me.  That has freed up quite a bit of time I wasn't planning on having.

My new goal is to have it finished before Thanksgiving.  I don't know that a "release date" at this time of year is a wise idea, but we'll see.  If I don't finish by then I'll have to shelve it all until after the first of the year.
In all of this I continue to pray The Prayer That Never Fails, "God's Will Be Done."  Talk about circumstances beyond my control...God's will is ALWAYS beyond my control.

The only thing I can control about it is my attitude.  Right now I'm on a much needed "forced vacation" and it's doing me a world of good.  I have been ridiculously stressed and aggravated about this missed deadline and about the fact that it will continue to cut into my family's time and preparation for the holidays. 

BELIEVE ME, you WILL know when  "Who Does He Think He Is?" is available to watch, online or on DVD.

Thanks for being patient with me.  :)


Dave said...

No, no, no, no. Thank YOU for being patient with you!!!

In the end, you may find that it was only the deadlines you MISSED that actually meant anything, late, postponed, shelved, missed entirely, or otherwise.

When folks axe me why I didn't do an overdub (for the umpteenth time) or correct this error or that, I remind them that I'm not creating NOTHING for mankind. I'm creating for God. He's my Dad, and I'm His kid. And if you think there's even a >HINT< of a critical aspect to His eye, when it comes to giving my very often "ugly squiggily uneven askew crayon-drawn musical lines" back to Him, you just may have another think coming.

Deb, cut yourself some BREATHING room!! NO BODY is going to be critical of *ANY* aspect to your beautiful film. Save for one...


I won't have it.

I won't.

In live (and recorded or otherwise) music, if I make a big old fat error, my ONLY teleos is to MAKE IT LOUD!!!!! And then I make it a very strong strong point to make it again...guess what... IT'S A RIFF!!

Great music bends your ears WAY out of shape then releases them THWAP like an elastic waistband back into place!

Maybe that's why I have so very few listeners (that I'm aware of) but the ones I >DO< have are so fiercely loyal I don't know what to do!

Please don't miss 10,000,000 miles of road you SHOULD have seen by SPRINTING this marathon! Detour! Take a rest (multiple rests!) smell the coffee and the roses, ... Not So Fast, Slow Down, Save Gas!

Love you kiddo, and that is NOT dependent on YOUR vision of your film, it's hinged much more on God's Grace for even allowing me to know you to begin with!!!!

I'm proud of you! And inspired by you. As are MORE folks than you could possibly realize!

Dave said...
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Dave said...
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Dave said...

I asked God what a trillion dollars was to Him.
He replied, "A penny"

I then asked God what a trillion years was to Him.
He replied, "A minute"

So I asked God for a trillion dollars.

He gave me a penny and told me to hang on a minute!