Tuesday, June 28, 2011


SO MUCH has happened.  Every time I think, "I'm sitting down TODAY and updating everyone on the film" and yet I don't get it done.  Here is what I remember are the highlights from the past few months:

Lighting Fix Crashes Pinnacle Software:
If you recall, I tried FOR MONTHS to fix the backlight issue from the restaurant scene.  I finally began to work on the very last scene I needed to fix and the software crashed.  We were also having other problems with the computer, so we called in Robert, a local computer fix-it guy Clinton used to work with, to help us. As I explained what I was trying to do -- making a film, editing it, etc -- Robert informed us that he made videos AND after battling three versions of Pinnacle he dumped it for Sony Vegas.  We had NO idea that Robert would be able to help with EVERYTHING.  Whoo-hoo!  He got the computer problem solved and got me going again (temporarily) with the Pinnacle.  I now had an Obi-Wan Kenobi to guide me through the final technical stages of the film.  YAY GOD!!!  :)

From Pinnacle to Vegas:
My success in editing from Pinnacle was short-lived.  I finally realized I would have to re-edit the entire film in Sony Vegas.  Robert came over and helped me pull the voice-overs in from Pinnacle so I wouldn't have to redo those, tutored me on getting started in Vegas, and spent TONS of time answering my stupid elementary questions, being very kind to remove himself from my presence occasionally so as to not laugh directly in my face.  ;)

To Reshoot or Not to Reshoot:
Once I got everything I could into Vegas I had the thought that maybe, just maybe, I could fix the lighting in this new software and not have to go through all of the hassle of a reshoot.  Then I 2x4ed myself upside the head.  HOW MANY TIMES times during that process I said to myself, "if I'd have known it would be like this I would have just reshot the $%&# scene?"   A reshoot was the best solution.

And I am SO GLAD I did.  The lighting was better (NOT great, because I still don't know that the %&$# I'm doing, but better).  The acting was just as good if not better.  The set was DEFINITELY better (no longer a restaurant scene, more of a homey rec room scene).  The sound was better.  The camera angles were better (did you see the post about my nose?).  The closing shot was INSPIRED and is SO MUCH better (thanks, Mary!). The camaraderie was better.  The only thing that really was worse was my hair (humidity is NOT my friend, and yes, sometimes I AM that shallow).  But I will take it, that's for sure. 

As of today, I have the rough edit finished except for a couple of cuts in the montage.  I need to get my soundtrack downloaded, level out the sound, update the TYLO site, figure out how to get the thing from my computer to Vimeo, and probably 1,000 little things that will present themselves along the way.  I will continue to rejoice with the tiny successes, be frustrated with the setbacks and my own shortcomings, and OVERJOYED to FINALLY ONE DAY tell you that the film is FINISHED.  :)

I'm also starting to become a bit nostalgic, doing a little looking back, charting my progress to encourage myself.  I've learned SO many things already, with many more lessons to come.  But more than the lessons are the people I've come in contact with through this process.  Some came in early and are no longer with me.  Some came in later and are (by the grace of God) still here.  Some trashed the day, and some saved the day.  Some simply provided a smile or encouraging word when desperately needed.  Some stepped in and entirely changed the course the film and my attitude were taking.  ALL have played important parts in both the development of the film and my own growth.  

But throughout the entire process one person has been constant, consistent, never failing me, although I have failed Him time and time again.  God put this dream into my heart 16 months ago.  He gave me the idea for the script.  He provided the research information,  the actors, the sets, the soundtrack.  Every detail was planned and provided by Him.  Others have played major parts, but God has walked with me, guided me, and carried me when I was so discouraged I couldn't go another step. Praise be to Him, and Him alone.

I'm looking forward to the day I load this puppy online, shout to THE WORLD that it is READY to be seen, and then sit back and watch what God does with my 5 loaves and 2 fish.  I will be celebrating with all those involved, in one way or another. 

And God and I will find a way to celebrate on our own.  :)