Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Finish Line Is In Sight

I just watched the film in its entirety.

Nineteen months of my life is represented in 17:16. 

I could have gotten pregnant and given birth TWICE in that amount of time.  

Every time I move my neck I'm reminded of this film.  When I look at my checking account balance, when I sit at my computer, or think of certain friendships, or drive by certain buildings and down certain streets, I'm reminded of this film.

I'm far too close to it to be able to tell if it "works," or if its confusing or stupid or boring or what.

I will say that editing can make or break a film.  In this case it definitely makes it.  What was a complete snooze-fest  (watching my talking head for far too many minutes in a row) is MUCH improved thanks to Robert's talent and insight.  It has floored me what a simple head nod can do to further character development. 

I have to admit that overall I am happy with it.  I did the very best I could, especially considering what I had to work with.   Had I had a budget I would have done some extra things, had more than one camera, had better LIGHTING... 

So many emotions...

I will say that what I am feeling most of all is humbled.  That God would ask me, allow me, to bring this information to the world, is truly remarkable.   This film has stretched me, taught me, required more of me than anything I have done in life except mother my boys. 

Robert is coming this afternoon to help me make a few DVDs and clean some things up.

Later this evening I will probably have a chance to really stop and process it all.

Then watch out.  The Ugly Cry I am currently holding back will be let loose in full force.

And God will be praised to the Highest Heaven.