Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'Til My Puzzler Was Sore

WOW it's been a long time since I checked in here.  I have been working, though, researching and putting pieces together as I get them.  This daydreaming part of writing is my favorite.  It's more relaxed, just go with the flow and be open to the little inspirations as they come.  It's like a million little Christmas twinkle lights turning on one by one until eventually you see the whole tree.

It's also like doing a puzzle, except you don't have all of the pieces from the box to start with, and you don't have the completed picture on the cover to see if your pieces are in the right place or not.

You get a bit of information here, a character flaw there, some structure from this place, and you start putting them all together.  Then you move some around.  But that flow doesn't make sense, so you wait until you get more information and go on to another section for a while.  And then you realize you can't work on that section because you KNOW there is a major piece missing, so you go yet another place.  But, you do know that you'll have what you need when the time comes, so you're not worried about it, just letting it percolate and hang out until the time is right.

Since January I have been fleshing out characters, with their motivations, strengths and weaknesses, even what they look like.  I've been learning how the Wise Men get from the East to the West, how long that will take, what will happen along the way.  I've been narrowing down locations in the East where the beginning of the story is set.  I've been learning about astronomy and astrophysics and PhDs and all kinds of things in which I have absolutely zero experience.

I've been dissecting the information from The Star of Bethlehem, trying to figure out what exact information the Wise Men would have known, and what they wouldn't have had, and why.  I've also been discovering what the exact time frame was for all of the events surrounding Jesus' birth, how to reconcile some of the confusing bits of Matthew 2 and Luke 2, and many other little things like that.  It all fits in together somehow.  It's all important.  Each answer leads me to more questions, which normally would be infernally frustrating, but it only causes me to dig a little deeper to find more treasures in God's word and His plan.

You may disagree, but discovering God's treasures beats the pants off of gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

Well, until it comes time to produce this baby.  Then I'll take all the gold ya got.  ;)

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