Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Musical Inclinations and Research, Research, Research!

One of my favorite parts of writing this screenplay is the musical inspiration I am finding.  As with most inspiration, it can come at any time--from a song on the radio while I'm driving, while listening to Pandora, the random shuffle of a playlist, something sung at church, any number of places.

I have songs that encapsulate parts of characters' personalities, songs that WILL be in certain scenes, even songs for the credits.  Some inspire the mental picture of a scene.  Others I search for to complement a scene already written.  Some I want to use As Is and some I need re-recorded with a different feel.  Nearly all of them I have felt led to.

One night I thought, "I need some music for when they start out on the road trip."  For some reason I began scrolling through one of my playlists and found THE PERFECT song for it.  I can exactly see and hear it and that is SO EXCITING!  It's from the '80s and a bit heavier on the synthesizer than I need, so that one will need some work.  What fun!

Another song is one we sang at our Christmas worship service and I knew it would be perfect, but what version?  What type of sound?  And where will it go exactly?  After much batting around and letting my little grey cells work their magic, I finally determined where I wanted it and that I needed it to be instrumental.  If the words were included it would give away the plot line before I'm ready.  So then, will it be a grand orchestration?  A more modern take a la Mannheim Steamroller?  Simple and woodsy?  I scrolled through my choices and one version caught my attention.  I clicked to listen and suddenly I could see it playing on the screen.  Perfection again!  AND if the audience members know the words well enough they will see for certain how perfect it is.  I love writing things that, if you dig a little further in, you find even more meaning.

Speaking of digging further, I believe I am nearly finished with the research portion and can soon get down to the actual task of writing scenes and dialog.  I have one more book to read, a few questions to answer and then look out!

Well, that's the plan for now.  Knowing God, that can change at any time.  But, that's part of what makes it all so exciting.  :)